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About Jason Baggett

Aside from being a full-time goofball, part-time genius whose rarely serious, Jason Baggett is well known for his sense of humor, and passion for the outdoors.

In pursuit of sanity, Jason left corporate America following a calling to do something more than working for a paycheck. As a sought after public speaker focusing on his Faith, and a passion for the outdoors, and multiple start-up businesses, Jason will utilize this website to communicate blogs that will hopefully help others who want to be “funemployed” and live a meaningful life.

You can also keep up with his daily journey through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin

When not traveling in supporting his latest business developments, Jason is at home on the water, or in his home state of Arkansas. Listed below are the current projects in which Jason devotes his time in bringing to consumers, specifically niche markets.



Contingense is leading the way for development, management, and fulfillment of bonus program strategies. A unified approach to listing bonus programs for competitors to learn, and review, Contingense is an innovative concept that is an asset to all those who follow their passions through competition.

BonusLoop |

For too long, competitors had no way of being notified of their contingency opportunities. BonusLoop changes that!


Where there is a competitor, there’s a story. Contendir focuses on the passion behind the player.


Resident Press is an online community focused news source centered on rural counties in Arkansas. It’s popularity is supported by contributors who love their towns, and the people who call it home.


Affectionately called R22N, this online community focused news source centers on three towns in upper Sebastian counties in Arkansas with the same dedication, and devotion found with Resident Press.

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