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One year ago this month, an idea was born. This idea already had a name, but no end use. Now, we have both. Give me 3 minutes of your time to explain, and to answer the above question. Please?

As many of you know I left professional fishing after a need to disappear. That act itself isn’t easy. But, I stayed close to the industry that I love, working on a project that is close to my heart. It wasn’t just about the money. For the first time, I had the opportunity to give something back to the sport that’s been good to me, and the competitors I call my family.

But, I knew I was onto something bigger than originally planned.

The Name Game

In marketing, and branding it’s ALL about the name, then colors. I’ve never been too big on flashy slogans, or creepy sales tactics. That’s just not me.

When CONTINGENSE® came along, I truly felt (and still do) we were doing something that had never been done before, unique, and gave something back to the fishing industry. But, it wasn’t enough. I was missing something.

Originally, I wanted to call this project, BonusLoop. It didn’t feel right.


I knew this name had a bigger purpose. A specific, and true meaning.

As I began to seek a use for the name, it happened at the most perfect spot, and a day after the idea was taking shape.

Ever since bonus programs (or contingency) came onto the scene, it’s time consuming to factor who won the money of these programs. Well, that is until now.

We’ve been working on Bonusloop for almost 6 months solid, and entering our second phase of beta-testing, we need help. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

Figuring It Out

With the help of Alabama Bass Trail, we’ve made this idea work. In fact, it scares me to think how far we’ve come in a short amount of time.

Bonusloop tracks the competitor across their choice of competitive events, then notifies the angler, tournament organization, and associated company of who has won what, and the following retention procedure. There’s no questioning, and it’s that simple. Here’s the process.

1) Go to BonusLoop.com

2) Click the Register button in the upper right hand of the page, or this link

3) Create an account. *Mobile messaging & data rates may apply

4) Follow the process to educate us on the products you use, and where you compete

5) You’re finished! Unless you change/add products, or events then it’s a simple update to your profile that’s easily managed on the user side

NOTE: After you tell all of your fishing friends to sign up, let us know if we overlooked something, or totally missed an opportunity of contingency eligibility. That could mean anything from a tournament trail to a product. Please send your feedback to us in an EMAIL , comment below or on our Facebook page

What’s In It for YOU

1) To put it simply, money that’s often left on the table is up for grabs.

2) Join a select few for feedback, and process analysis. Being in the testing phase, we can’t offer you any personal incentive other than being on a team who will participate in the process of ironing out issues, and being the first to test this process in a real-world scenario.

3) Know this! We are working hard to make sure you take home every dollar that you deserve. That’s one element to this project, and our belief that we can help you cash in on your passion. There’s a lot more, but we have to start here for now.

Thank you!

I won’t forget those who help us get through this final step. We need anglers competing in FLW Tour, Costa, BFL, College, High School, Bassmaster Elites, Opens, Arkansas Bass Team Trail, Alabama Bass Trail, Wild West Bass Trail, Texas Team Trail, BassChamps, and so on. Would you help spread the word?

Thanks for your time! Blessings, and Best Finishes.

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